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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Virgin Galactic

Apollo, SDI (Star Wars), Twin Towers, Financial Meltdown... 

Climate Change: The Convenient Lie

The Branson stance on climate change is on the face of it highly cynical, very hypocritical and very confused. Full of conflicting argument. On the one hand advocating the reduction of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and on the other promoting hugely polluting space travel for the few wealthy enough to consider such selfish actions acceptable. The amount of CO2 accountable per person is huge when compared to even a planeload of conventional air-travellers. Then compare this to a single coachload of road passengers that spreads the proportionately tiny yield.

It spreads the yield amongst a relatively small group of people at a local level, yet does not pollute to such an 'invisible' medium as the larger non-local atmosphere.

  • Focusing on profit creates a blindness towards balanced reason and the acquisition of profit rises above all else.
The Branson profit is commercially enormous.

Conflicting argument that is totally infested by parasitical hypocrisy.

However, as is being conclusively shown the whole issue is pathetically wrong by the growing number who now realise they have been hoodwinked and that clearly the increase in atmospheric pollution is not and never has been a real concern. It is the major reason that air travel is on the increase and paradoxically completely in acceptable conflict with the alleged climate change and global warming scares.

Governments know full well the extent of the hoax.