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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Responsibility: State And Private Employees

The human race is a parasite and it feeds off the Earth, but within the 'Them and Us' society of the parasite collective is a subset where there is a part of the 'Us' that feeds off 'Us'. This is illustrated by the government in the UQ (aka UK) Ltd. Gradually and insidiously those working directly for the government (state employees), yet paid for by the taxpayer (both state + private), are selectively rewarded by an ever-increasing benefit: the pension afforded to this group of state employees at the expense of the private industry employee. This parasitic group is that subset of the human parasite.

What this does is subverts allegiance towards the employer (government) that is allegedly 'elected' to serve the people as a whole. The government, however, considers the people the servants of a parasitic government. The government then becomes the super-subset of a subset of the set. A hierarchical order of parasite within the parasite. Dependence of the state employee subset parasite through a technical bribe assures the continued 'power' of the super-subset (government parasite) and ensures that the private-sector employee group is the very lowest of the entire parasite set, working to feed the super-subset that feeds the subset. Dependence leads to allegiance. This ensures the goal: control.

Dependence of another subset within the parasite has already been effected by acting as the hand that feeds: the benefit provider.

The responsibility of the private employee extends to being forced to look after the state employee. The title super-subset is earned by the state employee subset itself being totally unaware that it is controlled through the cynical reward concept. As a parasite, the super-subset (government) has no interest in either the state employee subset or private employee set other than the means to:

Power and Control 

It does have the important property of giving legalised authority (access) to the taxpayer purse. Perversely, with the example of MP expenses revelations, and the level of alleged abuses, any government is entrusted to such finance. There are no verifiable controls to monitor how money is 'spent' or disbursed or where any of it goes. It's all paradoxically left to trust.

Oddly, some of the people still believe that self-serving
government actually cares about the
PEOPLE that service government