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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Party Drugs

The desire to have a good time by using an adjunct is ill-advised. Using 'drugs' for 'partying' is lunacy. And even too much alcohol (a drug) is a poor idea. There is no such entity as a 'party' or 'good time' drug. To imagine there are such drugs is to imagine the drug was designed , developed, approved and marketed for use as an absurdly named recreational drug. Some of the (assumed) drugs used for these purposes are listed below. The assumption arises through not knowing what the 'pill' may actually be ('sold' by a drug dealer with integrity, perhaps - DA) and the effect is, in fact, just the side-effect. This means that the (over - DAdose is many times the effective dose, but effective for what? Any drug is potent and when misused for the wrong or absent indications is just plain stupid. It can mean death in 'tablet' form. Even a non-prescription (over-the-counter) analgesic can be lethal when mixed with either alcohol or other agents. Or both together. The term 'cocktail' has a new modern-day meaning: simply an undefined mixture of many diverse components.

Ecstasy sounds so much more exciting than:


or even MDMA, but they all describe the same active. What you may get though... and from a peddler of drugs? A lowlife. An unqualified (in any type of life skill, but maybe death skill) lowlife. Similar in principle to seeking the 'skills' of a backstreet abortionist.

All these drugs have a real therapeutic use and the genuine articles will all contain potent actives. As in the typical case of the stupid and gullible being led on to 'experiment' with these therapeutic drugs, the dealer who 'prescribes' these drugs will have no medical knowledge (in most cases) and is almost certainly totally disinterested in whether the buyer has a 'good time' or dies. The 'user' simply hands over money or gives some other service in return for... something unidentifiable. It may be apparently a pill (unmarked) that contains flour, baking powder (the cutting agent that dilutes any active so enhancing the dealers' profit) and a trace of some kind of active component. The dealers probably have no idea what they are selling unless they actually prepared it and where would they get the real drug? Probably from some disreputable source.

Buying medicines over the internet (FDA)

It's the similar scenario to buying any 'unlabelled product' from an unknown street seller. The history and the integrity of the 'product' is completely unknowable and the word of the dishonest and unidentified dealer is assumed (incredibly!) to be honest. The best bit (for the dealer) is that if you get swindled (and you realise it later) then you have no hope of any 'money back guarantee'. Unless you become your own policeman and enforce redress.

Imagine someone in the street offering a sealed and unmarked envelope for sale indicating that it contains, say £100. The cost to buy the envelope is £50. Would you hand over this money with the belief that you will double your money? If you 'buy' the envelope, the probability is that you would find it contains just blank pieces of paper (to fool you). It could actually contain real money, though it would definitely be less than you paid for it. Is this stupid?

The belief is there because
you want it to be true 

This is the gullibility and that word has been removed from the dictionary. The same happens with 'drugs' and is how the system functions: blind and unthinking belief. All drugs are dangerous and you can have absolutely no idea about what you will actually get for your money. It'll probably be something that panders to this belief that you received something of value so you come back for more (if you remain alive). It could even be (unverifiable) any one on the list (see above) though you will have absolutely no idea (or probably care) which one, whatever you may be told in order to relieve you of your money. The paradox here is that it can be construed as a good business attitude in a filthy business. Or an oxymoron: good villains, honest politicians. It all depends on your viewpoint.

Bizarre. Mad. Crazy. Stupid. 


  • Drinking a simple glass of water provided by a complete stranger is fraught with potentially very great dangers since the water may contain an invisible product dissolved in the liquid. This is the route for getting the unwary to imbibe other agents such as rohypnol or GHB. Mixed as a solution in an alcoholic drink ensures the failure to detect any 'additive'. The trust imparted by the punters is truly frightening.
  • Does this suggest paranoia or basic caution? When drinks are brought to your table by an unknown waiter, are you examining the waiter and are you sure it is the waiter? Are you getting the unadulterated product that you are expecting?