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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Good Riddance Day

In America they have a Good Riddance Day. It's a day to symbolically deny the past. The reason for remembering WW1 and WW2 is the concept of preventing WW3. The reasons for the alleged financial meltdown and recession and depression theories are forgotten in the 'look to the future and ignore the past' message. Hope. Future. These are both unknowns and so untestable. If the past mistakes are denied and forgotten then history will repeat itself. It's inevitable. The cynical learning is, of course, if it worked once then engineer the situation to repeat it. But this has already failed as the those responsible for wrecking it once are so intent on doing it again that they cannot wait for the lapsed memory to become effective. In the process, continuing attempts are made to redistribute wealth to themselves by 'creating' debt. It's doomed to fail before it gets started. This is not wealth creation, but rather the reverse:

An attempt at 'hiding' the concept
of theft and in the process devaluing
everything that's been stolen...

...and before the financial system has 'recovered'. It's complete lunacy.

G20 -Summit (2009)

Winners And Losers

However, by increasing the woes of everyone else by adding fuel to the fire as in the UQ (aka UK) Ltd, attention is misdirected away from the cause. Does anyone remember Fred "The Shred" Goodwin and RBSRoyal Bank of Scotland should not be confused with Bank of Scotland. An easy mistake to make and the cynical could imagine that this is precisely what is intended. Especially being Royal Bank of... and the perception could be of something better. The bank's reputation (if it ever had any) has been irreversibly damaged. Devaluation complete.