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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Economical Driving

Economical Driving - Reasons
Economical Driving - The Physics
Fast Driving And Increased Fuel Cost

There has been comment in recent weeks about the proposals for reducing speed to 20mph in some areas. The complaint (reported by the press) involves the less economical performance of an engine since a lower gear, 4th (down from 5th) or 3rd (down from 4th) would be needed as it's argued that higher revs will be necessary to maintain this 20mph speed. The return on fuel usage negates such a concept.

Sanction speeding (fast driving):
it sells cars

Sadly, the misguided concept is that a faster working brain works alongside the potential (to go faster) of modern cars.

It doesn't

Clearly, the belief is that better driving-performance (not better driving - DA) outweighs a safer environment. The obvious idea is that in busy pedestrianised areas, slower driving equates to safer conditions. It should do, but with a total deficit of any logic, slow driving costs more.

This argument is based on a very poor understanding of driving modern cars. It is quite normal for an engine to allow a reduction in speed to 10-15mph in top gear (5th gear) while maintaining adequate forward motion. Instant acceleration will be compromised, but dropping a gear will facilitate this. If necessary. It shouldn't be since the environment demands slower driving.

The justification for maintaining a faster speed is absolutely pathetic. And wrong.

Many will die from here-on in as have been dying for years in totally avoidable incidents.