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Friday, September 11, 2009

Growth: The Cynical Illusion

The population continues to grow with little consideration given to the consequences.

The illusion that growth is good is still rock solid. The creation of houses. The building of houses requires cement and concrete and both consume water. An irreplaceable resource. The loss of water and population growth move in opposite directions.

Drought: April 2012 - Here come the consequences. Build, build, build and then charge the consumer for the privilege of drinking. Hosepipe bans, water meter installations, but building houses is more important than living. Profit before life. In principle, water meters are a good thing and makes consumers more aware of wastage. The problem is the national infrastructure that has no interest in fixing leaks. Thatcher again: selling off the water companies to avoid the responsibility (and the cost) of fixing the problem. But it's as though Thatcher was personally paying to fix the problem. It's taxpayers' money fixing a taxpayers' problem. As far as Thatcher was concerned, it means more can be 'spent' on other things.

Greed evolves from longer life. Dividing up the cake of wealth only works as an illusion. The cake has a finite size. A growing population wants more and more as greed takes over. The cake does not get bigger to provide more and more so everyone could get less and less, but actually to get more means the one taking (stealing) from another.

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. The wealthy have greater access to assistance to 'collect' their greater share at the expense of the vulnerable poor.

The sliding door principle defines the illusion.

  • The obvious reason behind such a wicked device is to control the people. Give them something even though it's worthless. It keeps the working classes (proletariat) quiet and under control while those that consider themselves above the rest, but are actually in the same nest, steal from them.
It's really so obvious, but even those who are not blind refuse to see