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Thursday, May 28, 2009

MP Expenses - Further Into The Future

But on it goes. And on... as a growing black hole

David Cameron makes the right noises, but at the moment that's all it seems to be. A possible problem for Cameron is his background. This could theoretically place him so far adrift from 'ordinary people' that he is genuinely unable to recognise the temptation put in the path of the weak parasites that have been unmasked even though he claims to understand the general outrage. The system is still filled with menace and possibly always has been. The current national political crisis is Cameron's wake-up call and what actually happens next will be the make or break of the entire political system.

Sir John Butterfill has generously, and only allegedly since it describes a proposed future action, agreed to pay back £60,000 capital gains tax he failed to pay. A signed and returned tax return that declares 'nothing to pay' cannot be so easily rectified. It is an offence to lie to H.M. Revenue & Customs. But the law seems to only apply to lesser mortals who are threatened with the penalties of imprisonment for failing to pay tax. Tax returns are not usually outsourced either. Cabinet ministers seem to be under the delusion that displays the contemptible arrogance of the right to these 'freebies' that are not available to anyone else. There is absolutely no case to charge as a legitimate business expense and set it off against any personal tax liability. Recent history has some obvious examples of politicians and others who display this delusion. They set themselves up as the pillars of society and behave as the lowest part of any foundation. To be effective is to be buried. Or it should be. 

It's nauseating.
It's obnoxious.
It's politics.

Cherie Blair
Tony Blair

In the same way that Alistair Darling as Chancellor of the Exchequer, and who controls HM Treasury, has provided the lead example for millions of lesser mortal taxpayers to follow and avoid paying their taxes. The outcome of the penalties will now set a precedent in English law. The ramifications of that which have been unleashed is extremely far reaching. The till has been (apparently) closed, though in all probability only temporarily.

Politicians have been so duplicitous in the past that no one believes anything that they say. Many have lost all (quite rightly deserved) credibility. It's unfortunate that those who offer integrity must suffer as a result. However, it is still difficult to accept that silence demonstrates absolute no complicity. Staying silent allows the pig to feed at the trough uninterrupted.

Brown, Gordon: Exit Strategy
Devil's Advocate

The number of MPs who have announced their intention to stand down 'at the next general election' is growing. These people must exit NOW without passing GO and not collecting the automatic salary (£64,766) AND FULL pension rights. This must ALL be forfeit and the second home profiteering that the likes of Julie Kirkbride allegedly made. They are incapable of leaving the trough without a final gobful of the swill. After all that has been revealed recently, they won't go quietly. Like Michael Martin, they are removed 'kicking and screaming' with zero dignity.

The last dregs are still not enough and even a parasite
would surely be driven by its own conscience.

Clearly, MPs are a different breed

The husband (Andrew MacKay) allegedly claimed on the London flat as a second home and Kirkbride (the wife) claimed on the 'main home' in Bromsgrove designated another second home. The flat was extended at a cost of £50,000 to create a bedroom for her brother (Ian Kirkbride) who is apparently registered as living at this address and had also registered this as the address for his position as a director of his company. Office equipment was charged to the taxpayer ostensibly for MP Kirkbride's exclusive use. The user of this equipment is brought into contention and the suggestion could be reasonably levelled that Ian Kirkbride (brother) used equipment funded by the taxpayer to run a separate business concern that has nothing to do with any taxpayer involvement. This would be minimally the misappropriation of funds. What makes the entire Kirkbride business so appalling in it's depth is the tacky attempt to justify the claims as being (probably) 'within the rules'. Claiming for two second homes in total £170,000 over 4 years is highly demonstrable of manipulating the system to obvious personal advantage. This equates to an average £42,500 annually when the ceiling is ONLY £23,083 at 2008 'allowances'. It is clearly a double claim made by two different people.

What is incredible is the arrogance displayed in assuming that it would never be discovered.

  • It's a disgrace and the call for 'the other' Kirkbride TO GO is itself vindicated and David Cameron can no longer support the MP. The woman has disgraced the party and Cameron personally and must not be seen to profit from the removal:


But, of course, standing down 'at the next general election'. That is contemptible, but should only be expected from a trough dweller. The swill is so heavily contaminated that it can probably never be purified.

This failure to act decisively will
come back to bite Cameron

Credibility has already been lost

But what would we do without MPs if they went today? We'd survive and (eventually) be landed with possibly with a higher quality politician (oxymoron).