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Saturday, January 24, 2009


The incumbents of senior positions in the financial industry only see their own success. The blindness is only internal and the illusion creates perceived wisdom where it is described as greed and stupidity. Bonuses are given to those that create wealth.

Winners and Losers ensure that as the one grows then the other must decline. The rush to maximise business profit. The major concern is that these people clearly do not understand (and probably don't care) what they are doing. As long as there is profit in true parasite mode.

The short term is to move upward though the longer term reality is recession. It's predictable. Already the banks are displaying their collective greed as though nothing has or is happening. It's all in The Plan and it's working dreadfully well! The shameful folly is that it's happened before and will happen again as spending out of such a situation is so obviously laughable in it's stupidity. Gordon Brown is possibly one of the 'architects' of the current disaster and attempts to sell himself and his government as the solution to the problem he helped to create.

  • Recession can be regarded as stagnation. Or even negative growth. It's like house prices. The continual rise outstrips pay improvement and the ability to buy anything. The cost of living is absurdly high and is caused primarily by 'growth'. The upward spiral must eventually slow or stop altogether =  recession. It's the device that causes balance before the seesaw dips again inexorably towards Hell.
And everybody is happy... again