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Friday, December 26, 2008

EDF And British Energy

The European Commission forced a sell-off of assets and then approved the $12.5bn acquisition of British Energy by EDF. and it must sell its non-nuclear Sutton Bridge and another at Eggborough is owned by British Energy (archive) to overcome competition objections. EDF is a state-controlled power company and has an aggressive expansion strategy. Other conditions have been applied: to sell minimum amounts of electricity in the UQ (aka UK) wholesale market and dispose of land at either Dungeness or Heysham that could be used to build a new nuclear power station and end one of its three connection agreements with National Grid. This is the EC forcing a French state-controlled energy concern to profit out of UK customers by removing competition and building more nuclear power stations in the UK

EDF will avoid any inquiry into its acquisition of Britain's biggest electricity provider and this will put EDF at the forefront of the UQ (aka UK) nuclear power development. The government will doubtles welcome the proposed smooth flow of events as part of its energy strategy. The idea is to become internally nuclear-dependent and so avoid the external forces creating havoc. Just create havoc within the UQ (aka UK) and use the backward-thinking nuclear argument in its effort to go forward. Windscale The French company (EDF) was instructed by the EU to sell the grid connection at Hinkley Point because the capacity would not be taken up by the combined (British Energy and EDF) group's expansion plans. Hinkley Point A power station Hinkley Point B power station The government has ruled that the expanding nuclear power strategy is best to deal with global warming an alleged untruth.

My view it that it is not the proven 'fact' it is purported to be. The science is speciously plausible, but the climate change case is very, very weak. The (unrealistic) demands set by the government in its nuclear strategy made it impossible to finance in the time allowed and an alternative had to be found.

  • Sell off British Energy to the French. And UQ (aka UK) control.

  • The UQ (aka UK) will become a nuclear-powered country controlled by the French

Paradoxically, wars have been fought to retain UQ (aka UK) sovereignty, but this is yet another bloodless invasion. EDF generates more than three-quarters of France's power and is the world's biggest operator of nuclear power stations. The British Energy deal can only benefit the growth of EDF. and the loss of control within the UQ (aka UK). In the US last week, the utility agreed to buy a 49.99% stake in the five reactors owned by Constellation Energy for $4.5bn (£3bn). The aggressive strategy will also involve expansion into Italy and South Africa. British Energy will be swallowed up by the expected early January takeover. European Parliament and President Sarkozy It is difficult not to see the connection between the bloodless power control and the European Parliament that is clearly the objective. Sarkozy doesn't favour the way the Irish voted in the Lisbon Treaty referendum, so instead of them voting again (and again until they get it right), they will just be ignored.

The goal has been identified:

 wars have so far denied the complete control of Europe by the 'European Parliament' that is centralised in Brussels

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