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Sunday, November 30, 2008

David Bellamy

David Bellamy is a classic example of suffering the rubbishing of personal reputation and standing. The potentially influential opinion of an individual has been damaged for non-conformity to acceptable consensus (of the majority) and all the accepted dogma even if untrue (by the unthinking). Crude attempts at the psychological conditioning of opinion. Generally, people have a collective attitude and want to 'belong'. To be isolated can be uncomfortable and many find it better to conform and possibly be wrong than stand alone and be right. This demands standing firm in support of personal standards. Being resolute takes courage and considerable resistance to sustained attack. Being ostracised by presumed collusion of the media can never alter the truth (whatever in reality that may be).

Bellamy explains:

  • "My great sin is to not toe the line. When I started out as a university lecturer I spoke the truth and I would get torn to pieces. But afterwards people would clap me on the back and say 'Well done.' It was all in the spirit of debate. I always thought scientific study and democracy were pretty much the same thing - exploring new ideas and seeing which comes out best."
This sounds very much like private support, but public condemnation. Incredibly weak and cowardly. Collective toeing the line and pandering to dogma is rampant. The entire issue of Climate Change: The Convenient Lie concerns Global Warming and the dogma surrounding it. The growing doubt about Gore's 'theory' regarding Climate Change continues and the debate increases in temperature as scientists respond.

Paradoxical Scientist

David Bellamy does not and never did stand alone against the World. I for one stand alongside. I personally know of others who admire Dr. Bellamy as a scientist and for his principles.

Great stuff Dr. Bellamy.