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Friday, July 18, 2008

British Gas - The Disaster

British Gas - The Attitude
British Gas - The Hiding
British Gas - The Owner (Centrica)
British Gas - The Round Up

The start of the affair with the bullying approach of British Gas has resulted in success, but hardly a conclusion and nothing like closure of a messy affair. The demand was wrong by NINE TIMES: a charge of £111 for the entire period from September 2007 was the confirmed figure and not the total of almost £1000 according to the British Gas demands for the 9-months up to May 2008. There has still been no contact (19.07.08) regarding the monstrous error and the consequential actionable attacks made by British Gas. My concerns extend to the old and vulnerable (E.ON) and this nasty situation highlights the obnoxious arrogance of such disgustingly inaccurate demands with even nastier threats attached. Extortion involves the exaction of monies using coercion. The entire situation has been reported to energywatch (Recorded Delivery: DV 1621 5771 2GB) as it seems this would be the eventual body if Ofgem were to be contacted. British Gas has failed to respond to emails (7) into its website. It has failed to respond to recorded letters to its Eastbourne offices. These appear to be located very close to each other: PO Box 3054 (BF21 9FD) and 3055 (BN21 9FE). In summary, British Gas is an abysmal failure as a service provider, but as a money making concern and with its disgusting attitude problems, could consider going into the security and protection businesses.

Several weeks later: still silence. Complete disinterest except demanding payment by coercion.

Clearly, letter writing or emailing as two of the three alleged methods of contacting British Gas result in utter failure

The threats had become more disturbing:
  • 'severe consequences' for failure to pay the demand
  • threats of cutting off the supply (£50)
  • reconnection (no tariff advised)
  • an instruction to contact British Gas immediately to arrange payment
  • any need to issue further letters will be charged at £14
  • warrant for forced entry (£361)
    • the legality of this proposed action is highly questionable. Even to suggest it
  • disclosure of an unproven debt to a credit reference agency - potentially actionable
So it's still pay up - or else!

The term kangaroo court suggests itself.

The British Gas policy is clearly to ignore any fair and reasonable challenge and just send in the bigger bullies. Well, probably little people trying to appear BIG. The Online Managing Director, Chris Jansen, does not seem any more real today than yesterday or the day before that. The Head of Debt, Kevin Roxburgh has muscled in: even where no debt exists. Purely on the British Gas SAY-SO that there actually IS a debt. Disclosure of the non-existent debt to a credit reference agency and access warrants are threatened (£361) and... British Gas continues to excavate the hole it has started to dig for itself. These libellous and very actionable threats continue.

Further comment about any progress could be posted just in case there is any reply to the Special Delivery letter (ZV620880821GB) of complaint to Mr P. Bentley at Centrica head office (Windsor) and energywatch. I am not holding my breath in expectation of any contact. But any replies to these letters will be forwarded onto my MP who had suggested a formal complaint could be filed with Ofgem/energywatch. Even the failure to respond will be communicated to demonstrate that there is a very real and very


problem with British Gas.