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Saturday, July 26, 2008

British Gas - The Hiding

British Gas - The Attitude
British Gas - The Disaster
British Gas - The Owner (Centrica)
British Gas - The Round Up

British Gas Managing Director, Mr P. Bentley, was sent a Special Delivery letter (ZV620880821GB) at Centrica Head Office. This was written on 18.07.08, delivered 21.07.08 and still no acknowledgment from Centrica by 29.07.08. In view of the seriousness of the entire situation, even busy people with all their administrative support should be able to manage the minimal courtesy of an acknowledgment. It would seem this is

not atypical

The original challenge was back in mid-June. Mid-June to end July is only


STILL no response FROM British Gas.

18th July 2008

Mr P. Bentley
Centrica, plc
Maidenhead Road 
Windsor Berkshire 

Dear Mr. Bentley, Mr. Roger Gale MP has suggested I make a formal complaint and this has been directed to energywatch along with a copy of this letter and I will forward a copy of your reply onto Mr Gale. I am the father of one of your millions of customers and am contacting you directly to explicitly express my concern and disturbance regarding the unwarranted ‘severe consequences’ threats. Over recent weeks attempting to elicit any response from British Gas has resulted in absolute silence. There has never been any refusal to make payment and £250 was forwarded even though possibly unnecessary. There have been several attempts at email contact sent via the British Gas website:

  • email-1: 1392800
  • email-2: 1393941
  • email-3: 1400092
  • email-4: 1408100
  • email-5: 1408331
  • email-6: 1408593
  • email-7: 1417504

    Two recorded delivery letters have been completely ignored, both to Eastbourne: DV 1621 4112 5GB (17.06.08) and DV 1621 5728 9GB (04.07.08). This silence continues today and so it is reasonable to assume that policy is to ignore any fair and reasonable challenge. All previous attempts have generated minimally an electronic acknowledgment without any formal response within ‘3-days’. An initial telephone contact resulted in no action even after assurances had been given of a return call. This never happened after the alleged consultation with a supervisor. This was nearly 6-weeks ago (07.06.08).

    Subsequently, British Gas commenced sending further demands for payment totally ignoring my attempts at contacting British Gas. In my view, Mr Chris Jansen (Managing Director, Online) does not appear to be a real person. These have escalated into more strongly worded demands for payment with explicit threats to terminate supply and the overt mention of ‘severe consequences’ even down to explicitly specifying the cost of obtaining an access warrant (£361). The grounds for attempting to acquire such a warrant and its legality must be examined. British Gas has failed completely to contact me even though the email and home addresses and home telephone number have been known to British Gas for several weeks. These three pieces of information seem to be inadequate and it strongly suggests that coercion to forward complete payment of a disputed amount is the British Gas policy rather than actually attempting to resolve the situation, as has always been my intention.

    One of the questions asked is ‘Trouble paying?’ The answer is negative except that British Gas has failed to verify or justify in any way the amount demanded even though fiercely challenged. There is no evidence of any debt except the British Gas statement that there is one and it remains unsubstantiated and unverified. The letter states that to check receipt of any payment made to British Gas can be made via the website, but the flow of information is only one-way: into British Gas.

    Kevin Roxburgh, Head of Debt, communicates (25.06.08):
    • Not received payment for electricity use If not paid within the next 10 days the need to write again will incur a £14 charge
    • An instruction to contact British Gas and arrange payment for a non-verified demand
    • Continued non-payment will result in severe consequences
      • disconnection and an additional charge of £50
      • reconnection
      • a warrant may be issued to enter your property, for which you will incur fees of up to £361 in addition to the amount you currently owe
      • disclosure of an unproven debt to a credit reference agency and consequential problems as a result of this
    I have no plan to lower my standards by charging British Gas for my recorded delivery letters (2) and letters to my MP at the House of Commons, London. Part payment (£250) of the challenged demand had been forwarded, 3rd July 2008 (ref 043001324147) while the situation should have been investigated by British Gas to ascertain the accuracy of the disputed demand.

    I suggest you review the definition of extortion.

    Still silence (as at 18th July 2008). The last demand for payment was nearly £700 for a 2-month period (March -> May 2008) and for two full-time working occupants of a small flat this seemed excessive. Payments already made for the entire occupation since September 2007 are brought into doubt. This has consequently resulted in a fair and reasonable challenge to verify the accuracy of the demand dated May 2008. No attempt had been made by British Gas to verify the demand before the ‘severe consequences’ threats. The continued demands and accusations of failure to pay can only be interpreted as potentially actionable.

    Also the maligned character reference is explicitly implied. Grounds to even apply for an access warrant for whatever purpose must also be challenged. There is, and never has been, any resistance to any lawful entry. In fact, the meter is not located in the flat itself and the veracity of the non-witnessed ‘read meter’ description is also in doubt as is the purpose of the proposed entry. I had made it very clear from the outset (mid-June) that settlement would be immediately expedited if the amount alleged payable was verified. It never has been and British Gas has made no attempt to do so. Any grounds to obtain an access warrant could only be based on any wholly unsubstantiated accusation by British Gas.

    Yours faithfully,

    cc. RLYB – HJHH – THKS
    Percy House
    Percy Street
    Newcastle upon Tyne
    NE1 4PW

    Roger Gale MP House of Commons LONDON SW1 0AA

    The Centrica location is likely to anticipate attendance of administrative staff, if not Mr. Bentley. Even occasionally. This entry was posted 26th July 2008, but was written on the 18th July and delivered 21st July. Such is my expectation of the absolute zero response.

    British Gas has not let me down.

    It is possible that a response could materialise, but (so far) predictably: NOTHING. Several conclusions can be drawn, mainly that any challenge is ignored until it (eventually) goes away. British Gas has been given the opportunity to respond, but goes into hiding. Do NOTHING, say NOTHING and it will all go away. An acknowledgment requires a response, so don't even acknowledge the (Special Delivery) letter. All the problems caused by British Gas will just go away. All the misery and the serious problems as a result of skyrocketing energy prices. It all just goes away.

    The result of 'severe consequences' may force some of those millions of consumers to pay up the extortionate, and possibly WRONG, but dreadfully excessive demands. That seems to be the policy expectation. The impression is that there is NOTHING wrong. It seems that the attempt at gross overcharging by over 900% with direct, overt and explicit threats of 'severe consequences' if not paid is perfectly acceptable. After all, BIG British Gas can do as it likes with impunity, can it not?

    The lack of any response does support this presumption and the rather humorless and highly ironic joke is that further demands for (any) response from British Gas mirror exactly British Gas demands for payment.

    Friday, July 18, 2008

    British Gas - The Disaster

    British Gas - The Attitude
    British Gas - The Hiding
    British Gas - The Owner (Centrica)
    British Gas - The Round Up

    The start of the affair with the bullying approach of British Gas has resulted in success, but hardly a conclusion and nothing like closure of a messy affair. The demand was wrong by NINE TIMES: a charge of £111 for the entire period from September 2007 was the confirmed figure and not the total of almost £1000 according to the British Gas demands for the 9-months up to May 2008. There has still been no contact (19.07.08) regarding the monstrous error and the consequential actionable attacks made by British Gas. My concerns extend to the old and vulnerable (E.ON) and this nasty situation highlights the obnoxious arrogance of such disgustingly inaccurate demands with even nastier threats attached. Extortion involves the exaction of monies using coercion. The entire situation has been reported to energywatch (Recorded Delivery: DV 1621 5771 2GB) as it seems this would be the eventual body if Ofgem were to be contacted. British Gas has failed to respond to emails (7) into its website. It has failed to respond to recorded letters to its Eastbourne offices. These appear to be located very close to each other: PO Box 3054 (BF21 9FD) and 3055 (BN21 9FE). In summary, British Gas is an abysmal failure as a service provider, but as a money making concern and with its disgusting attitude problems, could consider going into the security and protection businesses.

    Several weeks later: still silence. Complete disinterest except demanding payment by coercion.

    Clearly, letter writing or emailing as two of the three alleged methods of contacting British Gas result in utter failure

    The threats had become more disturbing:
    • 'severe consequences' for failure to pay the demand
    • threats of cutting off the supply (£50)
    • reconnection (no tariff advised)
    • an instruction to contact British Gas immediately to arrange payment
    • any need to issue further letters will be charged at £14
    • warrant for forced entry (£361)
      • the legality of this proposed action is highly questionable. Even to suggest it
    • disclosure of an unproven debt to a credit reference agency - potentially actionable
    So it's still pay up - or else!

    The term kangaroo court suggests itself.

    The British Gas policy is clearly to ignore any fair and reasonable challenge and just send in the bigger bullies. Well, probably little people trying to appear BIG. The Online Managing Director, Chris Jansen, does not seem any more real today than yesterday or the day before that. The Head of Debt, Kevin Roxburgh has muscled in: even where no debt exists. Purely on the British Gas SAY-SO that there actually IS a debt. Disclosure of the non-existent debt to a credit reference agency and access warrants are threatened (£361) and... British Gas continues to excavate the hole it has started to dig for itself. These libellous and very actionable threats continue.

    Further comment about any progress could be posted just in case there is any reply to the Special Delivery letter (ZV620880821GB) of complaint to Mr P. Bentley at Centrica head office (Windsor) and energywatch. I am not holding my breath in expectation of any contact. But any replies to these letters will be forwarded onto my MP who had suggested a formal complaint could be filed with Ofgem/energywatch. Even the failure to respond will be communicated to demonstrate that there is a very real and very


    problem with British Gas.

    Sunday, July 06, 2008

    Overcharging Results In Suicide Attempt

    E.ON (based in Düsseldorf, Germany) claims to be one of the world's leading energy companies with its core activities in power and gas. It has been accused of creating a situation whereby a war veteran (84 years of age) attempted suicide as a result of E.ON allegedly overcharging. E.ON said:

    "We believe we acted fairly and appropriately under the circumstances"

    The most despicable attitude is the cowardly attempt for those individuals who are responsible to hide behind the corporate "we" device as this represents the attempt by these individuals to escape culpability. Whatever the circumstances causing this situation, there are better ways of acquiring success. In view of another example, of high relevance this could suggest a deliberate policy for energy suppliers to have absolutely no interest in the survival of the individual as there are many thousands of other 'customers' to provide perpetual sustenance. It does appear to form a classic parasite-host combination:

    If the few do not survive
    there are many others who will
    provide rich pickings

    This describes a dreadful scenario.

    Charging a residential user up to:

    £1800 for a quarter

    just made no impact on this business even though Mr Bargate lived alone and was careful to use electricity off-peak. No investigation was conducted even though any charge of this kind must be atypical in the extreme. Allegedly, bills had not been paid in 2 years, yet no investigation appears to have been conducted. It would seem that E.ON cannot be wrong and hence that must constitute the grounds for the warrant. If the demands were not correct and no investigation had taken place then the warrant presumably attempts to legalise a possible illegal action. A similar scenario to the British Gas fiasco, but at the other end of the age scale: old (E.ON) -> young (British Gas). It has emerged that bills were up to four times what they should have been and that overpayment of more than £10,000 may have been made, but

    Nobody noticed

    Thursday, July 03, 2008

    An Inflated Conclusion

    The appearance of the co-ordinated cartel pincer movement has the claws closing very hard and tightening its grip. Focusing exclusively on the target of profit deems the attack effectively invisible and once it's appreciated, it's too late to react. The plan also has the appearance of becoming very transparent, though only in hindsight. The 'blame' is pushed beyond anyone's control and nothing can be done about the unfortunate result of making money. Shame. Not wealth creation as that’s not possible, but simple and continued redistribution. The poor masses (majority) give up their money without a real fight to the super wealthy (minority) not realising there is an (almost) invisible war going on. An unseen struggle of immense proportions.

    Some fight back as their countries are raped. Oil-rich ground. Black and disgustingly tarry liquid. All that is seen though is the 'clean' profit after the crude has been processed and cleaned up. Stark reminders happen occasionally when a supertanker has a 'crash'. The mess is then seen for what it is. Crude oil is dirty. Filthy, black gold laundered into 'clean' money. It's the only motivation to handle the mess.


    Without the enormous financial gain, oil would not be touched. Oil is only a (non-sustainable) source to be converted into wealth using the redistribution principle. It cannot be recycled directly, but by 'ever-greening' (exploitation of new opportunities) more money can be made.


    A second bite at the cherry. The massive problems 'created' from the single use of oil use are then exploited to 'create' even greater wealth. Use a dirty resource (product) to make the filthy lucre and then transform the problem into greater wealth.

    Clearly, since wealth cannot be created the reason to amass so much apparent wealth is to create more control. That has the potential to be created as the psychological chains can be converted into real terror. But that reality is based upon the psychological. Incarceration. Restrictions or the total removal of freedoms.

    Inflation: the very fact alone of interest being added is inflationary. If £1 is borrowed and 10% interest is added, this increases the debt instantly to £1.10p and will be compounded. The increasing debt appears to be partially offset by salaries increasing. Theoretically in a roughly parallel direction. Really, this is actually a cause of inflation and ensures the perpetual upward movement of yield, but downward movement of its value. Inflation is illusory as without it there would be no growth and all would remain static. It's part of the conditioning to expect everything to increase. Always and forever. Unless there is growth (profiteering) then conditioning has made people - the masses - feel unhappy and are then made happy again as profit is made by all. Perverse in reality. Life would still go onwards if profiteering stopped and arguably in a much more peaceful mode.

    A change in attitude wouldn't happen 'overnight', but it would eventually win through in the generations to come as the realisation that theft becomes redundant. To destroy today the shackles of tomorrow that constrain real growth. The growth in developing the individual as a source of value, not the wealth of the already wealthy: made at our expense. This just perpetuates enslavement. The wealthy are 'created' and the illusion is of creation. It's how it cynically perpetuates the disastrous problem. The non-wealthy being sucked into the problem really convinced that they are actually becoming similarly wealthy. They are not and they can't. It’s like donating £1 to a £millionaire. Totally illogical. Whatever personal wealth is gained, more is taken away. The overall 'profit' is negative. In the redistribution principle, the flow of the illusory wealth of the masses is into the private banks.

    This flow is enormous. And unnoticed. Governments borrow and these borrowings are then repaid to the private banks (Federal Reserve System, Bank of England...) - with interest - through taxes.

    Northern Rock

    Taxes go up and up and up, but the overall picture is distorted to mask that all outgoings exceed incomes. This has always been happening, but nowadays (second half 2008) has become extremely visible. The curtain drawn across the stage is gradually becoming more and more threadbare. Negative growth, but happiness has been the illusion, but the global masses are still being squeezed in their real pain and misery, yet they seem to be happy and content.

    The King of Paradoxes

    Wednesday, July 02, 2008

    British Gas - The Attitude

    British Gas - The Disaster
    British Gas - The Hiding
    British Gas - The Owner (Centrica)
    British Gas - The Round Up

    British Gas deals as a supplier of gas and electricity. It is part of Centrica, plc and British Gas displays typical 'bully-boy' tactics. It is an amazingly amateurish approach to business and demonstrates genuine obnoxiousness, where it would rather portray the approach of a caring and responsible concern. In reality it appears to be simply corporate hard-nosed arrogance just out to make profit. The details of this particular issue are not relevant here (this is for the law courts) just the overview, but the assertions are made from documented and verifiable fact. This all dates back to mid-June. The issues should be considered for people of all ages (especially the vulnerable, the very old and, at the other end of life, the inexperienced young).

    Centrica plc
    Registered Office:
    Millstream Maidenhead Road
    SL4 5GD

    A recorded delivery letter (DV 1621 4112 5GB) is known to have arrived the day after posting (17.06.08) at the General Correspondence Address in EASTBOURNE office (published on the British Gas website).


    This letter has simply been ignored with not even the courtesy of an acknowledgment. The complaints address is also explicitly published:


    A name Chris Jansen purports to describe the Managing Director, Online as the signatory of issues when an online transaction applies and this is either the demands for (disputed and challenged) payments or confirmation of any forwarded payment. This name must be regarded as an alleged officer of the company since no explicit address is given, but only inferred by the Centrica plc address at the bottom of a page (issued by email). The next letter will be directed to the complaints address and was sent 03.07.08 and was delivered to the Eastbourne address 04.07.08 (DV 1621 5728 9GB):

    Chris Jansen
    Managing Director, Online

    • Apart from the supply of energy sources, the collection of money seems to be the sole interest of this business and any challenge that may harm this cosy arrangement is ignored. Notably, the complaints link is directed to the contact us by email and not a separate complaints page as implied and as a result it is my prediction that this will not be delivered to the addressee.
    The length of time to fail in any response whatsoever:

    An excess of 1-month:
    04.07.08 -> 06.08.08

    clearly demonstrates totally ignoring the issue. No other interpretation can be considered. The incredible arrogant hypocrisy of 'British' Gas in this abject failure to respond, when Centrica, plc itself feels it can threaten with such an obnoxious attitude, defies further comment. The dispute arises in a block of four apartments. Previous bills cover the period of the last 9-months since occupation. The British Gas status has been one of estimated readings until the last one where it has become read status. It is entirely possible that the previous readings have been underestimated, although usage is minimal, and the alleged reading is the true reading adjusting for the 9 month of underestimation.

    The sequence of meter readings did not alert to any problem, but the last reading, just 2 months after the immediately previous one is (seemingly) extortionate. The demands rise from £75 (November 2007) to £180 (March 2008) and 2 months after that to £700 (May 2008).

    Closer investigation revealed that the meter readings on the previous demands for payment do not appear to refer to the electricity meter at all. (Gas payment is a separate pre-paid card system). British Gas remains intransigent and non-communicative. A challenge is very reasonable. Contact was made by telephone (incidentally an account name correction that cannot be done online was made and provides evidence of contact), yet the promised return call, after an alleged consultation with a supervisor never materialised.

    Ignored. Again.

    Just not interested in anything except the collection of payment whether justified or not. The arrogance comes from the continued demands for money, but now with the attachment of explicit threats of cutting off the supply within 10 days. Notably, that the account holder and registered online name are different (with permission of the account holder to view accounts) has not been queried. A partial payment of £250, possibly in excess of the true amount, has been made and demonstrates that payment has not been refused or ignored, but simply challenged. This is a direct response to meet the explicit threats head-on, while Centrica may bother to answer this fair and reasonable challenge. The meter reading needs to be witnessed so that the term alleged can be changed to verified. British Gas has an email address, home address and telephone number so that arrangement can be made for the reading to be made. So far the arrogant stance is:

    Do nothing except demand payment

    British Gas has its registered office in WINDSOR (an affluent suburban town):

    Millstream Maidenhead Road WINDSOR Berkshire SL4 5GD

    An updated (online) meter reading has been totally ignored, even though acknowledgment of the reading has been explicitly confirmed (15.06.08). The second recorded letter has been ignored and several attempted contacts by email through the website so far have only been electronically acknowledged, but not explicitly by a 'human'. Consequently, it is fair and reasonable to describe British Gas as a hard-nosed 'business' with absolutely no interest other than making a profit through the exaction of money from 'customers' using coercion.

    Definition of extortion

    MP (Roger Gale) for this constituency has been alerted (05.07.08) to the issue. This represents the communication of information.

    Something about which British Gas remains

    totally ignorant

    Starvation And Obesity

    The disease is apathy mixed with ignorance

    Anorexia is a condition of choice. Starvation is imposed by some twisted desire for control. If you are unmoved by images of starving people on the verge of death then the real problem is you. To encourage the body-type of the skeleton covered in skin is criminal. People with this body-type cannot survive. Period. It's technically an assisted death by incitement.


    Inflation And Oil

    Inflation is a commonly used term to reflect the cost of living. But everything begins with oil and essentially nothing can be ignored. The cost of everything will increase if the price of oil rises. What causes the cost of oil to continue to rocket? Scarcity and the exploration for new sources to some extent, but the summarily introduced rise in 'cost' of a barrel of oil can never be explained by such logic. This could be price manipulation on a grand scale. It's very sinister, but quite predictable, that the speed of control is accelerating. Prices rocket for no particular reason, then fall very slightly so everybody is happy with the new much higher price. The earlier cost of everything is forgotten and the new level is accepted and everybody is happy. The fact that petrol comes DOWN by a tiny amount (up to) 5p/litre or thereabouts, ridiculously and paradoxically overshadows the MASSIVE increase just before that. It's become a tired and worn out ploy.

    The controlling iron grip is closing hard

    The life-blood and money is being systematically squeezed out of (nearly) EVERYBODY.


    Those in control and manipulating are not affected

    EVERYTHING begins with rising energy prices

    This suggests a simple conspiracy that can be viewed as all the (global) politicians falling into line by being so afraid of stepping out of line. Such is the POWER of oil in particular and energy as a whole.The rot starts at the 'top' and the barrel is infected by a filthy apple, but noboby notices. The rot percolates down destroying everything in its path. In any game, a ball has to be set in motion and is started by someone or something. It all seems to be connected to the money machine. The questions are:

    • How are this apple and ball connected?
    • Who is (or are) the someone or something?

    This suggests a terrible weakness among influential people and illustrates the blindness to the destruction being perpetrated upon mankind. Globally. Everybody will suffer, even the wealthy who imagine they are immune. Cancer kills all people whether rich or poor. The trappings of wealth do not include immunity from infection. There are limits to buying your way out of all problems.

    Incidentally, all conspiracies are simple though just made more complicated and complex by those who would debunk them.

    Tuesday, July 01, 2008

    Inflation And Control Of The Global People

    Half-measures employed in the UQ (aka UK) Ltd extend to the collection of speeding and parking fines. Vehicles registered in this country are easy victims for pursuit since details are readily available, but for foreign nationals these cannot in many cases be verified and escape from prosecution is predictable. Travelling without any documents is standard practice. In France the car driver must be in possession of all relevant documents at all times to be available for inspection. The possession of an ID card is raised here as all French nationals in France must have such proof of identity and anyone else must carry a passport.

    The issue of ID cards in Britain is contentious due to the confusion and doubt about the content of any 'smart' card and the cost burden. This becomes tantamount to a fee (tax) for a Britain to live in the UQ (aka UK) Ltd. Such cards should be issued without charge (simply lost in the nebulous fog created by government) and Tax Doctor Brown's government can surely think of some way to create another tax.

    If a speeding fine is issued, an on-the-spot-fine is the remedy and until the fine is paid, the car cannot be moved. If necessary, the driver regardless of nationality will be escorted to the nearest bank or ATM to effect payment. If funds are not available, the car is impounded until payment is settled. This whole arrangement makes speeding a little less likely as the immediate execution of the fine collection creates potentially a major inconvenience. This even impacts on the attitude towards bail. The alleged transgressor of a crime is commonly released on bail to be allowed to 'escape'. Clearly, this is a result of an over-burdened system where it is quickly and easily clogged up. Over population (and still encouraged) is the cause. Too many people in a small country. But each individual is a source of government income through tax, ignoring the benefits payable to many and the recipient is likely to be a Labour government voter. The hand that feeds...

    ('New' Labour) social experiments (Labels) are still being played out to maximise the mess. They don't work. Nothing has ever worked as misguided theories continue to fail. The over all aim is still control and total subjugation. The European Parliament is the closest yet. Mugabe's Zimbabwe is an overt brutal regime, but the European way is only slightly more subtle yet just as potentially effective. Or seen simply an improvement expected from a 'leader'. (Trade) wars can be expected between the resultant 'super powers': Europe, China, Russia, USA, India and that excludes oil: another issue...). The ridiculous, but highly sinister, situation regarding the Lisbon Treaty exemplifies the situation. If there is any dissent then it is simply ignored and extremely crude attempts to crush any opposition are attempted. The bully boys are out in force.

    The Olympic Games are being used as a controlling weapon, being wielded to exercise more control over the 'people'. Bankrupting a nation effects tremendous control for decades. The idea of a non-gladatorial contest is elevated to the psychological level. Allowing cheating to effect 'winning'. The whole concept of inflation is an illusion and created to close an iron grip around the people. No country is exempt.

    What is the justifiction for the oil price hikes?

    Inflation And Oil

    There isn't one, although everything is affected by them. Everything and so the global peoples pay an ever inflated price. The payment is in two forms. Being reduced towards poverty and so towards absolute control by 'governments'. And the psychological effect for subjugation to be effective. Apparently, some 27,000 speeding and 54,000 parking fines remain unsettled and have little or no chance of being cleared. If this is the true situation and it becomes more widely appreciated then resentment is inevitably the outcome. Friction between British and foreign drivers will increase and the assumption of any foreigner being a transgressor is predictable. Magnify this ethos on a global scale.

    Never before in living memory has global unrest been so great. That's the aim. To make a bad situation even worse. And then even worse.