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Friday, June 20, 2008

EU Centralised In Brussels

All the conflict of World Wars I & II and the millions of dead as some sort of prize for peace has eventually resulted in the silence of the waging of 'WWIII'. Europe has been invaded by the 'politicians' and their instructions (diktats). Scotsman Dr Brown acting as the prime minister of the UQ (aka UK) has attempted to give away British freedoms to Brussels. By denying the British people a statement by referendum, claiming it to be unnecessary, this is behaviour tantamount to being charged with an unknown crime, not hearing any verifiable evidence and then being found guilty and locked away. Subjugation by menace. It makes the 42-day detention without charge seem like a holiday.

David Davis Resignation
Nightmare Police State

This presents a far more subtle conflict without damaging any significant number of the population. It is suggestive of a different attitude to European bloodstock against Middle Eastern bloodlines. This is more support of eugenics afoot. Speculative maybe, but nonetheless suggestive. The European state centralised in Brussels and populated by a perceived élite class. This makes Hitler appear half-decent.