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Monday, April 14, 2008

Aircraft Pollution

The conditioning continues: air travel is OK, but cars use fuel derived from oil and care must be taken over every drop 'wasted'. Car drivers must also be punished because they are the cause of the climate change. It is as though aircraft do not use oil-based fuels. It's illogical nonsense. The amount of fuel used by the total number of aircraft around the globe is enormous, yet doesn't enter the public imagination as attempts are always made to conceal the issue. It is effectively ignored. That there is a connection between human use of oil-waste products (petrol) and climate change is not in dispute, but in the context of size, it is more like comparing an ocean to a swimming pool.

  • The trade of CO2 use is a business and represents the most obvious and cynical part of it all. Land-based vehicles produce any exhaust gases locally. They do not travel far and are totally at the mercy of the winds. Aircraft pollute the global atmosphere by actually taking their exhaust with them. As an instance, a long-haul flight to Australia from Britain will cause a trail of exhaust fumes half-way around the Earth and a great deal of it near the point of origin at take-off.
Aircraft are among the worst polluters because of the distance involved and it appears that taking the pollution with them absolves them from 'guilt'. They are innocent bystanders when everybody else is guilty of aiding and abetting global warming and climate change and it's probably the greatest scam of all time.

So far

We have had the (still alive and well) Apollo 'hoax' and can look ahead to a Mars equivalent. No human can possibly survive the journey. The Moon is not likely either and it is somewhat closer. A few days exposed to the hostile environment of space against several months. Ridiculous. And for what? Evidence that some form of primitive life may have existed on another planet? It does not matter. Even if there is some resource, the global population would not be privy to this information, just expected to finance its collection. It's a method of justifying the extraction of public money to be used for other purposes. Making war and effecting control over people costs money.

The cynical part?

The prisoner pays for his own subjugation and incarceration for having done absolutely nothing. Theft by stealth understates the real crime. Those who 'spend' the money should be the ones locked up to protect the rest of us...

from them!