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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Terminal Greed

The grotesque exploitation of climate change accelerates at even a faster rate. The acceleration itself accelerates. The rate of change of change. The continuing farcical argument that by taxing the use of any fuel that generates carbon dioxide (humans produce CO2 through respiration) will somehow solve the problem that remains unproven. Taxing CO2 will make it go away. How absurd can it get. Any revenue from taxing aircraft fuel (kerosine) is zero unlike the fuel consumed by cars. The payback from aircraft is non-existent so the polluting craft are not affected. Fuel in cars (petrol) does attract considerable duty. For this reason the illusion of air travel being a non-contributor to pollution is clear:
There's no money in it
An aircraft climbing to reach its operating altitude has burnt most of its fuel and runs on virtually vapour to remain at this height. Any argument that suggests the aircraft flies above the atmosphere and so does not contribute to its pollution is totally fallacious. The damage has already been done.
  • The way of making money has always been to charge the airline, and so its passengers, for using airport landing facilities, but now these fees can be increased.
This way the airlines seem to escape the controls of climate change taxation, but, of course, the passengers do not and governments will ultimately make
and all by chasing the rainbow.