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Monday, March 24, 2008

Lasting Effects

Memories can survive a lifetime. The delusion is that some things just... go away. They don't. Sometimes an event is so traumatic that it just... remains. Naseem Hamed was allegedly responsible for an almost fatal 'incident'. The effects cannot disappear. One party, the aggressor, continues as though nothing had happened. The other, the victim, must live with the traumatic effects.

The victim

After the jury returned its verdict, the judge, Judge Michael Murphy, said:

  • "I do hope now that both the Hameds and the Burgins can draw a line under this and really get on with their lives."
The 'incident' occurred in 2005 and during the original court case, amazingly:

  • The boxer's lawyer Martin Sharpe tried to blame the horror crash on the supercar, which bore the personal number plate NAS1. Mr Sharp pointed out it was new and said Naseem did not fully understand its performance levels.

But he added:

  • "He accepts his driving was both reckless and dangerous. He was taking a fellow motoring enthusiast out for a drive and took a stupid risk overtaking at completely the wrong place. What he then did could never be any excuse for what happened. He overtook when he should not have done, when conditions were not proper."

Mr Burgin's solicitor Jane Wright said her client's compensation claim against Hamed's insurance company was continuing.

Continuing (2005 -> 2008 -> ?)

Staggering. Amazing