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Friday, March 14, 2008

IVF In Africa


The potential for harvesting eggs for any kind of research can theoretically be enhanced by offering IVF treatment to women in Africa. Multiple births is a common feature of IVF. Understandably, the human desire to have babies for African women is probably no different to any other 'rich' nation. However, the offer of this discounted treatment for women in a country that would have difficulty feeding the children is more difficult to comprehend.

The spectre of exploitation raises itself. That women desperate to have children could be the targets for (surplus) eggs is a reasonable supposition. How well educated are these women and how well informed regarding the ramifications of IVF? The UK will erupt in unrest over the whole issue of 'hybrid' embryos ('embryo research') and stem cell justification ignoring any issues by playing the psychological blackmail card. Rushing headlong into unknown territory is always a dangerous activity: driving at high speed into fog is stupid. Caution until more is known is a common sense attitude. Describing only the potential benefits while ignoring any downside is very worrying.

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