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Saturday, October 13, 2007

October - November 2006

American Leadership!
Applause For Blair - 9 Minutes???
Arms Roundabout
Awareness Of Your Standards
"Blair Goes To Another Planet. Turned Away."
British Crime Is Almost Non-Existent
Bush, Kyoto And Blair
CIA Trying Very Hard To Be Effective
Conspiracy Theory: How It Doesn't Work
Creating Fear
Daily E*****s Articles, A Selection
Damning Facts (20) About Voting In The USA
Dangers Of 'Holiday' SCUBA Lessons
David Icke Newsletter, 1st October 2006
Drugs And Lucrative Dealings
Drugs At Folk Week
Ethical Behaviour
Exploitation Of People
Fear Levels Promoted
Franz Kafka
Growing Awareness
Illusion Of Speed
Immunity Scam
Importing Criminals
Inadequate Rapist
Legacy Illusion
Lucrative Inheritance Tax Here To Stay?
'Manufactured' Disease
Martyr Videos
Missing Plutonium From The 'Responsible' UK
Mortgage Loans...
Murderous Emotions
New Mexico, Aspartame, Bush And The FDA
Nicotine Fix
Old Saying
Old Story
Paperless Office
Paradoxical Scientist
Patronising Intellect
Peacekeeping In Lebanon
Personal Development
Politicians And The End Of The Human Race
Price Of Oil: Weapons
Private Finance Initiatives
Progress Of Greed
Protection Scam
RAND Corporation
Reason For Honours
Right-Of-Way Drivers
Selfish Able-Bodied Drivers
Seriously Serotonin Syndrome
Smoking Kills
Speed Cameras And The AA
Surveillance 'Speed' Cameras
Teachers Toeing The Line
What Wars?
Where Does Pain Start Or End?
Wind Power