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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Global Warming

Climate Change
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                            Author: Brian Sussman
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The Resilient Earth

  • Water vapor is the most important greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. As saturation vapour pressure increases exponentially with temperature, a positive feedback effect with respect to the current global warming trend is expected and confirmed by satellite measurements over the ocean. However, highly complex interactions via cloud formation and the release of latent heat, impacting convection, complicate matters and seem not to be well represented in climate models, especially in the tropics. Land-atmosphere coupling adds further uncertainties. An accurate knowledge of hydrological cycles and feedback mechanisms is therefore indispensable for reliable weather and climate predictions.
Clouds do not form a perfect insulator and although some heat may be retained in the water to be eventually precipitated to ground level (rain), a great deal is lost to the upper atmosphere and radiated into space. The higher (r) above the Earth, the volume of the 'atmosphere' increases by r³.

I admit to being somewhat disappointed by the moral high ground claimed by those like Tony Juniper (Friends of the Earth) that if you disagree with that opinion, then you are simply wrong. The reason I am disappointed is that I am under no illusion that global warming seems to be a reality and that increasing levels of carbon dioxide makes a reasonable argument based on good science. Mankind's lifestyle of spend it all (the oil) as though there is no problem is reckless. But doing that does make the money today since there will be no tomorrow.

The 'logic' of the lunatic

However, methane is a much more potent greenhouse gas and is present at much lower levels than carbon dioxide and so presents a potentially much more dangerous atmospheric component. A veritable timebomb. The real problem is that it would be difficult to tax the Earth 'fart'. That logic is completely corrupt, though George Bush is an oilmen and so conveniently ignores everything not connected to oil and money.

  • Melting ice in the Arctic has caused the release of millions of tons of methane - a gas 20 times more damaging than carbon dioxide
But there's none so blind as those that will not see.

Gordon Brown makes noises about rising oil prices and his solution is to flood the market with oil. Presumably, a glut will keep prices down. Of course, as a side effect, shedloads of profit are conveniently made and justified by keeping prices down. And the oil runs out faster. Very short term thinking. The pace of life accelerates until eventually... just stops.

The long(er) view

Tax revenue through sales of an illusory never ending river of petrol creates another illusion that there is no problem and business is as usual, but cloaking the issue of the imminent drought.


Juniper's claim is that opposition to the Friends of the Earth stance defines support for Bush and Brown and all the lunatic ideas they might have. That is an absolute travesty. I feel I can remain objective even when criticised if I have belief in what I say. I am not influenced or persuaded by false claims if I know them to be based on misleading or bad information.

I do not personally know Tony Juniper and have no axe to grind. I fully support Friends of the Earth and much of what is argued I believe is absolutely right. They are doing a fine job. I will continue to support groups such as this as they describe the only sensible and long term approach.

But I am still disappointed that Juniper's attitude describes essentially a counter political stance. I remain apolitical, but don't want Bush to be allowed to expose us all to madness. Presidents and 'leaders' like him are the wrong targets. They will 'lead' us all to Hell. They are influenced by lobbyists and BIG money. Attitudes must start with persuading the general VOTING public with quality information. VOTES influence politicians. Bad publicity scares politicians. Truth scares politicians even more.Why?

It's NOT the route to power, glory and money

I puzzle over the concept that the mass extinction of the Human Race is somehow 'glorious'. Unless, of course, twisted thinking is considered. Then it makes absolute sense. Twisted thinking nearly always involves money, money, money. I do find it extremely puzzling that some people still find Stalin or Hitler figures of worship. Twisted AND deluded thinking. Long dead ideologies? It would seem not. It appears to be nothing more useful than the mindless acquisition of totalitarian power over people (control) and the total subjugation of independent thought.

The concept of the novel by George Orwell 1984. Incidentally, this is the pseudonym used by Eric Blair.

Pointing out misdirection used by politicians can be turned against those same politicians who would try to twist and spin truth for political ends. The welfare of people rarely makes an appearance in the argument. And even if it does it often carries a very cynical connotation.

David Bellamy

The paradoxical scientist

A reasonable challenge can never be construed as opposition except when it is twisted and spun about in attempts to mislead.

The influential positions that the likes of Bush and Brown have is probably the most damning and dangerous 'fly in the ointment' imaginable. Whenever money is at stake all else will be staked against common sense to protect what's at stake.

The money. The power. The control.

The Devil playing poker

I am not persuaded by the reasons put forward that it is purely mankind's behaviour that is totally to blame. I do not accept the blanket argument that this is the sole reason. The slow precession (wobble) of the Earth over 1000s of years is conveniently overlooked. And the Sun is very hot and getting hotter. This obvious fact is often ignored.

Some issues can be tackled, hopefully with success. Some are probably not achievable, but that doesn't mean that attempts to face them should not be made. The best approach must be sought to minimise the problems.

Every living soul will die one day. That fact is inevitable and cannot be changed.

Any complex issue reduced to simplistic argument never engenders confidence

Argument by Bush (for) and Juniper (against) as they are described both amount equally to the political, even though the stances are diametrically opposite. I do not accept the incomplete 'scientific' explanation, though mankind's lunatic use of gas, coal and oil products is clearly not going to help a desperate situation.

Greenhouse gases do trap heat and reflected heat cannot escape the atmosphere and pass out into the coldness of space.

Development (NOW) of alternative energy sources is essential, but consideration of Nuclear Power is an absolute


This must not even be considered: the Madness Of Nuclear Power. Even in the short-term, which it could never be. Obviously, long(er)-term the oil will run out. Definitely. Unless its use is curtailed or completely stopped, future problems will be even more desperate than now. No energy provision and the rise in global temperature will almost certainly cause the mass extinction of life on Earth. All life.

Blind logic: one contributing factor to global warming is the production of CO2. The use of air-conditioners enable cooler surroundings (local interior). Air-conditioners require power to make them work. This produces more CO2 contributing to raised temperatures. Turn up the cooling unit as a consequence. Produce more CO2 so increasing temperatures. It's a never ending cycle until the power runs out - oil.

The right way forward is to reduce the production of CO2, but investigate alternative sources of energy that


Even the complete cessation of the non-sustainable fossil fuels may stop the production of CO2, but the Sun will continue to get hotter. Ways to provide energy must involve the zero production of CO2, and NOT directly include nuclear sources.

Our Sun could be a good place to start. Ironically, it is a nuclear source and the source of all the problems. It will probably be around for a few billions of years yet and there is zero Earthbound waste to manage. The Moon will be around for a long time yet and quite free of any charge it provides tidal power. The rotation of the Earth generates global wind patterns and movement of the oceans (Coriolis Effect). So wind power is a second obvious potential solution.

The most obvious places to possibly find a solution are also the most unlikely.

But these places will be overlooked deliberately

Why? Simply because there is no


way of

making lots of money

But that is not true. Shedloads of money have been made out of water. And any wealth 'creation' is always determined by an Earthbound resource. When no (realistic) alternative exists, tide and wind sources are definite answers. No doubt.

It will need true leadership and will start with thinking without the influence of politicians and money as the priority. Survival is the priority. Survival of life for hundreds of years. That defines a leader who is


a politician or an idiot businessman whose blind and very short-term goal is today and, maybe, tomorrow. Looking beyond the day after today is too far. Living in complete denial today is to die in denial tomorrow. Madness.

Look to the Sun and Moon

Bush and all other ditherers in the effort to keep making money are delusional and stand the charge of the mass extinction of all life on a global scale. Something as important as survival cannot and must not be left in the incredibly incapable hands of such people.

The mind-blowing paradox is that these types consider themselves so smart, but their arrogance renders them completely ineffective, totally dangerous and as such simply stupid. Lethally stupid.

Business + profit + shareholders = extinction

But there will be no justice as there will be no living being on Earth to administer it.