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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Baby On Board

Original posting, August 2006

"Baby on Board": so what? What difference does it make?

The irritating point is the presumption that people normally drive recklessly unless informed that a baby is on board. People rarely alter their attitude when armed with such information. I don't.

My driving technique doesn't change. I doesn't get better or worse. I have a consistent attitude. Whether it's excellent, good or downright rubbish, it doesn't change depending on circumstances.

Those who are drivers with a really bad attitude are also consistent. Consistently bad. They often don't care and their attitude is generally very poor. Usually, but not always, not very bright. Signs like the "Baby on Board" won't make any difference.

Just like those 'inconsiderate' types who drive into disabled places at supermarkets or any communal place with these specially reserved places.

  • Disabled people (with the appropriate valid documentation, of course) can't escape totally here. Some are just inconsiderate, stupid or blind as the absolute right to park anywhere seems to translate to parking dangerously or being an obstruction. Or creating blind-spot hazards at junctions. A real pain.
Those making the signs make the
money since the sign itself and
the information it conveys
are a total irrelevance